A glimpse of Stevie.
I believe even the shortest of encounters can be made memorable.

1 hour                                                                                       $300 NZD

1.5 hours
(First time lovers minimum recommended time)                     $450 NZD

Date night.
Eat, laugh and dance. Topped off with dessert.
4 enjoyable hours.                                                                              $1,100 NZD 
Just the two of us.
Lets get close and really get to know each other. 
3 hours to unwind.                                                                             $900 NZD
Snuggles and cuddles.
You, me and our pjs. Wake up to breakfast in bed. 
15 cosy hours.                                                                                       $3000 NZD  
The great escape.
Lets run away. Find somewhere quite, get lost in each other. Tell me where you want to explore and how many nights you want to explore Me. Lets make your wildest dreams come true. x

Fly Me To You. Make the impossible, possible. 

Role play.

The above Rates are priced in NZD and only apply for encounters within New Zealand, send Me an enquire if you are interested in Rates outside of New Zealand. x   
If I have not addressed an amount of time you are interested in on the above information, please don't be shy in contacting Me. 
I will do my best to cater to your request. x
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